Prime Tea Samples Diary

LATEST UPDATE: April 1st in 2018: tried Wickedly Prime “Delicious Hibiscus”…

Following the success of the “Sample Boxes”, Amazon began offering “Samples” as well. Small or individual servings of various products that Prime members can purchase, and then receive the purchase price as a store credit towards the purchase of similar items. Among the many things Amazon offers as “Prime Samples” is tea from various brands!

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Tea Deals

Latest Update: November 28 in 2017: Black Friday is over, so we are back to regular tea deal hunting 🙂

We started another “diary-style” post, a blog within a blog, the Tea Deals diary. I love finding tea and tea ware at bargain prices, so in this post I’m sharing some of the deals with the interwebs! I’m including a latest update date so you can tell how “fresh” the deals are (pun intended):

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Unconventional Tea Hacks

This is a new “diary style” permanent post that will keep adding more unconventional tea hacks as I run into them, or more often, as they run into me… These are presented in reverse chronological order, newer hacks are added to the top of this perma-post. This is not a novel, so the order you read these does not make a difference 🙂


A gaiwan is a versatile tool as it is, you can use it to brew tea gongfu style, you can use it as a tea cup, you can use it as a fairness cup (a two gaiwan gongfu session). Eventually though, through time and accidents, some may break or become inoperable. If you have any gaiwan lids that don’t fit any of your current gaiwans, don’t throw them away!

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