My Tea Origins Story: from Coffee to Colas to Tea!

For a long time, tea was something I would drink if there was no coffee (or other alternative beverage) or if I had a cold or something like that. It was only thanks to …the Colas and Coffee that I ended up in TeaLandia 🙂

I drunk a lot of coffee and eventually reached a point where I needed at least three cups of coffee just to wake up in the morning. A coffee problem, because I couldn’t function without it.. So I tried to systematically reduce coffee to just a couple of cups per day. One of the easiest replacements turned out to be a trap in itself, Colas! They have some caffeine, but not as much as coffee, and their spike and crash is nowhere near as high/low as coffee. The other helpful beverage was bottled unsweetened Tejava tea and the bottled Trader Joe blueberry-green tea, I think Tejava had more caffeine than most bottled teas at the time, so it helped a lot during the transition.

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Welcome to Tea Non Guru

As you can guess from the title, this is a blog about all things tea. I am not an expert, and it will probably take me a few hundred years to become a tea guru, but I love tea, and this blog is all about tea! I can only taste and experience tea as me, and it’s those experiences and opinions I will be writing about here 🙂

So much Tea

On the definition of tea, I’m taking the practical route. I am drinking both “real tea” (Camellia Sinsensis) and herbals/tisanes, sometimes separately, sometimes purchased blended, sometimes making my own random and semi-random combinations. The philosophy here is to be open to the possibilities. Sure, only Camellia Sinensis is tea, but the term “tea” is used so interchangeably now, trying to enforce correct naming becomes yet another thing to argue about. So herbal tea is tea too 🙂

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