Bigelow Classic Blends Mint-Herb Tea

I found this on sale/clearance at a brick and mortar store [I don’t remember which one], and since I had never seen this before, I gave in to the temptation and bought it. This is the first time I’m trying this tea, the Bigelow Classic Blends Mint-Herb Tea…

It is packaged a bit differently, instead of twenty tea bags in a box, you get five sealed pouches, with each pouch having four tea bags inside. A good way to keep the tea bags sealed longer than usual.

The packaging is probably the most interesting thing about this tea. Otherwise it is a typical herbal blend, smooth enough you can drink at any time of the day and not worry about caffeine messing up your sleep patterns or having side-effects on an empty stomach.

This is a good tea for “mindless drinking”, when you need something hot and agreeable to drink while you are working or binging Netflix or driving or multi-tasking in a myriad ways. And a tea that won’t go bad on you if you over-brew it.

It has a variety of ingredients as it is, so I did not try mixing it with other teas. The hibiscus is tame in this tea, so if you find hibiscus-dominated teas too “bright”, this is not like that.

Brewing is as expected of herbal blends, boiling water and adjust as you prefer…

There are no staples at the two connection points of the tea bag, so that’s always a plus. I am triggered by staples in tea bags 🙂