Prime Tea Samples Diary

LATEST UPDATE: April 1st in 2018: tried Wickedly Prime “Delicious Hibiscus”…

Following the success of the “Sample Boxes”, Amazon began offering “Samples” as well. Small or individual servings of various products that Prime members can purchase, and then receive the purchase price as a store credit towards the purchase of similar items. Among the many things Amazon offers as “Prime Samples” is tea from various brands!

Since the quantities of each sample are small, I can’t do a full review for each tea, so instead, I’m posting my impressions of them here, diary-style…


The Wickedly Prime (one of the many Amazon “house brands”) sample is a single tea pyramid that comes in a semi-fancy packaging (it’s like a mini greeting card). It is a blend of herbs, and it is not “bright” like some of the hibiscus-dominated teas (eg the ones they have as an iced tea at Starbucks).

The licorice does a good job of taming the hibiscus, they are the first two ingredients. Overall, based on the one sample, it’s good, but nothing to write home about. It’s another herbal tea blend. As such, I would buy the full size if it went on good sale, but definitely not at full price.

In addition to the usual herbal blend ingredients (lemon peel, rosehips, blackberry leaves, peppermint), it also has unspecified natural flavors. All the ingredients, except for the “natural flavors” are organic.

This is a Product of Canada (both Amazon’s house brands and a number of the Trader Joe teas are of Canadian origin these days!


Naming your tea company a pig is a risky move, but it’s definitely a memorable name, one that is not easy to forget. One of the samples I picked up was their Peppermint Leaves tea pyramid. They like to call it a “tea temple” but that’s just too much 馃檪

This was definitely a loaded pyramid, easily containing 2X to 3X the amount of leaves compared to a typical peppermint tea bag. Their sample includes two of them, sealed in a mini container as you see at the top picture. Once you open the clear bag that holds them together, you get a fresh peppermint aroma…

… and the taste does not disappoint either. A fresh, energetic mint-y taste, with a more rounded and expansive taste compared to a typical tea bag and even the Davidson Loose Leaf. This is promising as an iced tea too, but it’s too cold and there are only two bags in the sample container so that experiment will have to wait until/unless I buy more 馃檪

And some fun with the phone’s flash and reflections…

It is a “product of Germany” per the verbiage on the little container…

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