Bentley’s Acai Berry and Blackberry Green Tea review

I found this tea during a visit at a discount store (Ross or Marshals or something like that). The price was right, considering you get 50 tea bags and a colorful tin to use later.

The best use of this tea is for people trying to switch from sodas and flavored drinks to tea, it’s a transition stage tea.

Otherwise, fans of pure tea may find the added flavors rather obnoxious and unnatural. Or you can experiment co-brewing with other unflavored/boring teas to tame/hide the added flavors.

The 50 tea bags are inside a sealed foiled pouch. Once you open it, you can roll it or use kitchen clips to minimize the air flow inside the tea pouch.

This is the tea bag before infusion. There are two staples on it, one on the tea tag, and another on the tea bag where the tea string is attached. I’m not a fan of staples, I don’t want to drink staple juice 🙂

This is the infusion, poured into a tea cup. I would not even consider considering gaiwan brewing for this 🙂

This is the tea bag after infusion:


With more and more dessert-y ingredients added to flavored teas these days, I suppose it doesn’t hurt to point out that it is “gluten free”. After all, these days some teas include …soy!

Premium is just a word, a marketing term, it does not mean anything really in practice. It’s more of a basic green tea with strong flavoring.

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