Tea Review: Davidson Organics Mandarin Chai with Anise

This was a mild surprise, I found it at the Grocery Outlet. You can find a random selection of teas there, so I always check every time I’m there. It was an 8-pack for $1, so it became an impulse buy. It turned out to be not bad given the price, and for something in a simple flat tea bag.

Each tea bag is sealed in its own wrapper. The tea bag is a flat square, no tags, no string, no staples…


If you like to drink chai tea without milk/cream (I know, it’s not proper chai-chai), this is not bad. The combination of spices and probably the natural flavors make it a pleasant drink that is not as sharp as some classic chai recipes.

This is the brewed tea, in a gaiwan and a tiny teacup. This is from the same brew, the color difference is because of the volume/size of the two tea cups…

HOT With Cream

Since this is a chai, I also tried it with cream. My current philosophy with tea is “Half and Half” or nothing. No milk! 🙂 I was surprised that the flavor of this one did not get overwhelmed by the cream. Some chai-flavors can wither in the presence of cream. So this is good!


It is drinkable, but for me chai works better hot. I only tried it plain iced, did not add cream to it 🙂 Or maybe I haven’t yet drunk enough iced chai to get used to it!


I mixed some of it in coffee, and it wasn’t as bad as I had expected. Not something I will likely repeat again, but it was drinkable 🙂


Here’s the list of ingredients, straight from the package:


I brewed it more like regular black tea. The cream was added after it was brewed. Similar to the instructions published on the package…


This is the front and the back of the cardboard box they come in…

Here’s the back of the wrapper with lots of Davidson verbiage…

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