Zhena Coconut Chai Black Tea (Tin)

Another impulse buy, there was some kind of a sale or coupon or so at Smart and Final of all places, and I gave in and picked this up. I had never tried a coconut chai combination before, and I found that it actually works well. The coconut-iness mellows the spices in a complimentary and complementary way 🙂 But is there actual coconut in this? Read on to find out…

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Tea Review: Davidson Organics Mandarin Chai with Anise

This was a mild surprise, I found it at the Grocery Outlet. You can find a random selection of teas there, so I always check every time I’m there. It was an 8-pack for $1, so it became an impulse buy. It turned out to be not bad given the price, and for something in a simple flat tea bag.

Each tea bag is sealed in its own wrapper. The tea bag is a flat square, no tags, no string, no staples…

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