Tea Review: Peets Organic Chamomile

This is a real Peet’s tea, with the wonderfully designed tea wrapper. They had them on a clearance sale online, so I scooped up a few boxes before they disappeared into the Mighty Void 🙂 The tea wrapper is the best thing about them!


They taste as one would expect, it’s chamomile! Nothing groundbreaking, nothing horrible. It is organic and has no other ingredients. I drink this exclusively hot, usually my last tea of the night as I try to wind down.

One way I like to combine it is with honey. I usually have some crystalized honey, so instead of trying to uncrystalize it for regular use, I save it as “tea honey”. The hot tea infusion melts the honey right away. You don’t even have to stir it up.


There’s only one ingredient, organic chamomile. It has QAI and USDA certified organic logos on the box.

The brewing instructions on the box say 3-5 minutes in boiling water, covered while brewing. This is chamomile, so you have brewing flexibility, I usually keep it longer. It won’t get bitter like Assam CTC tea.


The box has the same color scheme and design as the tea bag wrapper. You get the 25 tea bags individually wrapped in the box. Net weight is 1 ounce aka 28g grams per the box, so you get just over 1 gram of chamomile per tea bag. The tea tag and tea string do not have staples at their attachment points.

It has a vertical dispensing cut-out at the bottom, but you can also open it horizontally in the typical way of tea-bag boxes.

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