Bentley’s Earl White review (one of my “Cola transition” teas)

Unlike their Acai Berry and Blackberry which I found quite meh, the White Earl Grey tea from Bentley’s I actually like as a flavored tea. Maybe because it was one of the first wave of teas that helped me escape from Colas.

The taste is typical of tea-bag white tea with the distinctive flavoring of earl grey (bergamot), yet somehow the combination works for me. I’m fine with how it tastes, I haven’t tried combining it with anything else. This is the type of tea that can help when you are switching from Colas and juices and want something along those lines to help you transition.

Just like the Acai, I found this on clearance at Ross (or one of their friends) and the 50-pack in the reusable tin is a good value.

The fifty tea bags are loose inside a sealed silver foil nestled inside the tin, so the tea bags do not come in contact with the metal:


It has only two ingredients, white tea and oil of bergamot flavor. With all kinds of things being added to teas these days [including soy], the “Gluten Free” sign is mayhaps practical, not just marketing πŸ™‚

The brewing instructions are typical of flavored white tea bags, but this is a fairly flexible tea, I’ve often overbrewed (accidentally or intentionally). If you prefer a specific flavor balance between the earl white and the white tea, then fine-tuning the brewing parameters becomes more important.


This is a classic tea bag, with a square tag, a string holding it to the bag, and unfortunately two staples, one holding the tag to the string, and another one holding the tea bag closed with the string attached. I am personally not fond of staples in tea bags. If I wanted staples juice, I would buy a box of them from Office Max πŸ˜‰

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    1. Thanks for the comment! Unfortunately that’s the nature of the business. Things come and go. The fact that I had found it then at one of the discounting chains was already a potential sign it might have been on its way out back then πŸ™ I don’t know if they have any similar other/newer teas…

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