Bentley’s Earl White review (one of my “Cola transition” teas)

Unlike their Acai Berry and Blackberry which I found quite meh, the White Earl Grey tea from Bentley’s I actually like as a flavored tea. Maybe because it was one of the first wave of teas that helped me escape from Colas.

The taste is typical of tea-bag white tea with the distinctive flavoring of earl grey (bergamot), yet somehow the combination works for me. I’m fine with how it tastes, I haven’t tried combining it with anything else. This is the type of tea that can help when you are switching from Colas and juices and want something along those lines to help you transition.

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Bergamot Flavored Loose Leaf Black Tea (from the Trader Joe Tea Party)

And we are back, with our first review of the six tea-tins included in the Trader Joe Tea Party Set that premiered during the 2017 holiday season. We start with Jean Luc Picard’s favorite, the “Bergamot Flavored Black Tea”. Technically they don’t call it “Earl Grey” ~ it’s not that they have to pay licensing fees to the good old Lord Grey ~ or Lord Frey 🙂

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Tea Review: Thotalagala Lemongrass Earl Grey

This is the first of four reviews of the four teas included in the brand new Thotalagala Single Estate Tea Gift Set! We start with the most aromatic of the options, the Lemongrass Earl Grey.

Thotalagala Trader Joe LemonGrass Earl Grey Tea

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