Raspberry Black Tea (from the TJ 2017 Holidays Gift Set)

This tea has grown on me enough that it is now challenging the Vanilla Rooibos as my favorite from the 2017 holiday season Trader Joe Gift Set. “This” refers to the raspberry black tea, made with just three ingredients loose leaf black tea, natural flavor, and dried raspberries.

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Bergamot Flavored Loose Leaf Black Tea (from the Trader Joe Tea Party)

And we are back, with our first review of the six tea-tins included in the Trader Joe Tea Party Set that premiered during the 2017 holiday season. We start with Jean Luc Picard’s favorite, the “Bergamot Flavored Black Tea”. Technically they don’t call it “Earl Grey” ~ it’s not that they have to pay licensing fees to the good old Lord Grey ~ or Lord Frey 🙂

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Hime Genmai Cha Loose Leaf review

And we are back with a new loose leaf review! I have gone through more than half of this 10 ounce container of the Hime Genmai Cha, so it’s a good time for a review!

I found this while placing an Amazon Prime Pantry order and the price was right, so I picked it up out of curiosity. I haven’t found it in-stock since at Prime Pantry, but you can get it in packs of four 10 oz boxes from the regular Amazon. I believe it should also be easy to find at local Japanese and Asian markets.

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Tea Review: Davidson Organic Peppermint Loose Leaf Tea

This is the largest quantity of a tea I ever purchased. A whole pound in a bag! And with good reason, the price was right and peppermint is nowhere near as fragile as something like Japanese green tea. The 16oz bag of Davidson’s Organic Peppermint loose leaf tea goes for under $15 most of the time at amazon.com. That’s under $1 per ounce.

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Tea Review: Harney’s Genmaicha Loose Leaf

We begin a series of Genmaicha Tea posts as Fall 2017 is upon us! First up, it’s a review of the Harney and Sons Genmaicha Loose Leaf tea, purchased with mine own money from the interwebs in an 8 ounce tea tin.

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The Equalizer Loose Leaf Tea Brewing Strategy (Western Style)

I don’t know if this has a formal or common name in the tea world, but I’m calling it the “Equalizer” western-style loose-leaf brewing technique. This works best with teas that you can “finish” with an extended brewing session, such as genmaichas, dragonwell, herbal blends, and to a lesser extent flavored teas.

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