Value at 10c per cup, the Trader Joe Peppermint Tea

If you are looking for a reliable no-nonsense peppermint tea in tea-bags, and you are near a Trader Joe, their 20pk for $2 (I think it was $1.80 before) is a good value! It has just one ingredient, peppermint and nothing more. It is a modest minty taste, not as bright as the TeaPigs [see Prime Tea Samples Diary].

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Prime Tea Samples Diary

LATEST UPDATE: April 1st in 2018: tried Wickedly Prime “Delicious Hibiscus”…

Following the success of the “Sample Boxes”, Amazon began offering “Samples” as well. Small or individual servings of various products that Prime members can purchase, and then receive the purchase price as a store credit towards the purchase of similar items. Among the many things Amazon offers as “Prime Samples” is tea from various brands!

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Raspberry Black Tea (from the TJ 2017 Holidays Gift Set)

This tea has grown on me enough that it is now challenging the Vanilla Rooibos as my favorite from the 2017 holiday season Trader Joe Gift Set. “This” refers to the raspberry black tea, made with just three ingredients loose leaf black tea, natural flavor, and dried raspberries.

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Numi Toasted Rice (GenmaiCha) Organic Tea

Genmaicha is currently my definition of a “comfort tea”, a warm wholesome taste, especially nice when it’s cold inside or outside. The Numi Toasted Rice was one of the first genmaicha teas I tried. This is their standard tea bag configuration. As such, this is not a bad attempt at a genmaicha, definitely more accessible than finding the loose leaf variety at supermarkets and such.

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Bigelow Classic Blends Mint-Herb Tea

I found this on sale/clearance at a brick and mortar store [I don’t remember which one], and since I had never seen this before, I gave in to the temptation and bought it. This is the first time I’m trying this tea, the Bigelow Classic Blends Mint-Herb Tea…

It is packaged a bit differently, instead of twenty tea bags in a box, you get five sealed pouches, with each pouch having four tea bags inside. A good way to keep the tea bags sealed longer than usual.

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