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As you can guess from the title, this is a blog about all things tea. I am not an expert, and it will probably take me a few hundred years to become a tea guru, but I love tea, and this blog is all about tea! I can only taste and experience tea as me, and it’s those experiences and opinions I will be writing about here 🙂

So much Tea

On the definition of tea, I’m taking the practical route. I am drinking both “real tea” (Camellia Sinsensis) and herbals/tisanes, sometimes separately, sometimes purchased blended, sometimes making my own random and semi-random combinations. The philosophy here is to be open to the possibilities. Sure, only Camellia Sinensis is tea, but the term “tea” is used so interchangeably now, trying to enforce correct naming becomes yet another thing to argue about. So herbal tea is tea too 🙂

So what kind of tea? All kinds of tea. I already went through a mini “tea purist” phase, and it just ruined the fun of it all when I concretized like that. So I made a non-binding vow of sorts, to drink all kinds of tea, from dollar store tea bags all the way to single estate Khaleesi-Tribute level of teas. The former are a lot more affordable to get than the latter, so you’ll probably see more of the former 🙂


So that vow will be seen in practice in this blog where I will cover all kinds of things, loose leaf tea, pu-erh, tea pyramids, tea bags, grandpa style, gongfu, usual and unusual experiments, and so forth. As long as it is tea, it’s fair game.

Liberated from a Tea Pyramid
Liberated from a Tea Pyramid

When I say all kinds of teas, I really mean it, even these abominations 🙂


Having said all that, I will still be very grumpy when I spot artificial flavors and ingredients in tea, and when I notice iffy and sneaky and tricky and misleading things. So I reserve the right to complain about everything and anything at any point in time 🙂

To cut a long story short, the goal of this is to have fun with tea and try as many different options and combinations as possible. The more I learn about tea, the more I realize there are near-infinite possibilities, so no mater what, I’m just barely scratching the surface 🙂 So come along the Tea Hype Train 🙂

PS: I have no special skills or special tools or special knowledge, no access to a Lab. No medical advice here, please consult with your licensed practitioners for that 🙂

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