Value at 10c per cup, the Trader Joe Peppermint Tea

If you are looking for a reliable no-nonsense peppermint tea in tea-bags, and you are near a Trader Joe, their 20pk for $2 (I think it was $1.80 before) is a good value! It has just one ingredient, peppermint and nothing more. It is a modest minty taste, not as bright as the TeaPigs [see Prime Tea Samples Diary].

As usual, you can play with the brewing parameters, more/less water and more tea bags for a stronger taste, but if you are using two or more tea-bags per cup, you may want to look into buying bulk loose-leaf peppermint tea to save money [eg I bought a pound of Davidson’s Organic].

This is not organic. I believe they have (or had) an organic option as well. There is no mention of origin, and since mint is easier to grow in different climates than camellia sinensis it could come from anywhere 🙂

The brewing instructions are as expected, 3-5 minutes in eight ounces of boiling water. Adjust to taste. I usually do a minimum of five minutes for this. It’s mint, it won’t get bitter if over-brewed.

In addition to the fresh taste, hot or iced, mint tea is also a good way to freshen up one’s breath instead of using pharmaceutical alternatives (like those dissolving breath things that have strange ingredients in them). Simply make a strong tea, eg one tea bag in half a cup of water instead of a full cup.

Each tea bag comes in a sealed wrapper, a plus if you want to take it with you or keep some of them at work or in your lunch box…

Good news if you hate staples in tea bags, there are no staples on the tea-bag or the tea-tag. The good old knot is holding it together 🙂

The box is a very minty green with a busy design…

With the tea bags “hiding” inside the greenery: