Introducing the Western-Fu Brewing Method

Are you caught in a philosophical and practical battle between Western Brewing and Gongfu? Tired of having tea leaves stuck between your teeth with grandpa style? Would you like the convenience of western brewing and the taste-changing experience of Gongfu? Before today (April 1st in 2018), there was nothing in-between. But today, we have an answer for you. Introducing the …”Western-Fu Brewing Method” 🙂

All you need for “Western-Fu Brewing” is a gravity brewer or some other brewing vessel that allows you to easily pour more water in and pour some of the infusion out. Quickly and without hassle or risk of creating a mess.

For this, a gravity brewer is a great candidate, but that’s not the only option. Some of the others western brewers with a built-in filter can do the trick as well.


The best part is that Western-Fu is very simple. Start a western-brewing tea session. Put the tea leaves or the tea bag in the gravity brewer and pour water at the appropriate temperature.

Then, every few seconds pour our some of the infusion and taste it. You can start as early as you want, and keep re-tasting every few seconds. You can pick a fixed time, random, or increase or decrease it exponentially.

This is an artful science, there are no hard rules. Part of that depends on the actual tea you are drinking. For example, for flavored teas you have to start earlier to experience the flavor as it comes out.

Where do you pour the infusion every few seconds? You can use any tea cup, or a small asian-style teacup, or an espresso cup, or a gaiwan. Your choice! This method is all about flexibility and experimentation!


Have you tried the “Western Fu Method?” What do you think? Let us know!!!

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