Introducing the Western-Fu Brewing Method

Are you caught in a philosophical and practical battle between Western Brewing and Gongfu? Tired of having tea leaves stuck between your teeth with grandpa style? Would you like the convenience of western brewing and the taste-changing experience of Gongfu? Before today (April 1st in 2018), there was nothing in-between. But today, we have an answer for you. Introducing the …”Western-Fu Brewing Method” 🙂

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The Equalizer Loose Leaf Tea Brewing Strategy (Western Style)

I don’t know if this has a formal or common name in the tea world, but I’m calling it the “Equalizer” western-style loose-leaf brewing technique. This works best with teas that you can “finish” with an extended brewing session, such as genmaichas, dragonwell, herbal blends, and to a lesser extent flavored teas.

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