Tea Cup Review: The $40 Starbucks January 2018 Cup

In Part #1, we discussed whether the $40 Starbucks cup is a good deal for consumers. In this post, we review it as a “normal” insulated tea drinking cup…

You may still find this cup in the clearance bins at some Starbucks stores and probably at thrift stores and eBay and such. Or you may be handed it by friends and family. The free drinks promotion expired on January 31 (2018), so the value of the cup crashed since then…

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Is the $40 Starbucks Cup for January 2018 Worth It for Tea Fans?

A few years ago, Starbucks started a January promotion. You buy a $40 insulated 16 ounce Starbucks stainless cup in November/December, and for the whole of January, you get a free coffee or tea every day at Starbucks stores. All you have to do is show the cup, and you get a free brewed coffee or tea. None of the espresso and latte and other fancy drinks are eligible. Only brewed coffee and tea!

This is the third year I’ve done this promotion! The cups have held up well function-wise, so that bodes well for the 2018 ~ other things equal. I prefer the January 2016 cup over the January 2017 which was a shiny white with green patterns color scheme. The 2016 and 2018 are a more conventional black.

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